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Feb 9, 2022

On Season 2 Episode 4 of Unincarcerated: The Podcast, we sit down with Ginny Burton, a a 49-year-old mother of three. She was born into a world of addiction, alcoholism, violence, crime, and prison. Despite her best efforts of becoming someone respectable, she followed in the footsteps of her parents. Her decisions landed her in jail, prison, psych wards, and the streets. After being arrested multiple times and serving 3 separate prison sentences, she finally made the decision to take control of her life in 2012.

For the next nine years, she went back to work, earned scholarships, and returned to school to get a seat at the policy table to help people get what they need when incarcerated. In June of 2021 she graduated from the University of Washington Political Science Department, finishing nearly each quarter on the Dean’s or President’s list.

Ginny’s remarkable story is sparking hope in many across the world, creating a belief that change is possible for anyone. Listen now!